Wyse PocketCloud instructions for iPad or Android connections to VirTech

Step 1: “Navigate” to the App Store.
You will need your Store ID and Password to download the application.

Step 2: “Search” the App Store for the App titled, Wyse PocketCloud.

You have a choice to Select either the “free version” which allows you to save a single virtual connection or the “paid version” which allows you to save and access multiple virtual machines through the Wyse Pocket Cloud APP.

Step 3: Select the “Wyse Pocket Cloud App,” and begin the download.

Step 4: Once download is complete, Exit the Apple App Store and “Open the Wyse Pocket Cloud App”

Step 5: Choose “Skip” when prompted for the "Automatic Wizard". If asked if you want to "Participate in Automatic Usage Statistics" This is exclusively your Choice.

Step 6: Select the "Plus Button" (Located in the Upper Left 3rd of your screen)

Step 7: Select "Manual Connection"

Step 8: Select "RDP" which stands for Remote Desktop Connection

Step 9: Fill in the subsequent fields with the following information.

Nickname: Type in a nickname for your VirTech Connection (hit save in upper right corner)

Host: [vm1.virtechsystems.com] (hit save in upper right corner, do not use brackets)

User Name: [user] (hit save in upper right corner, do not use brackets)

Password: This is your virtual machine password provided by VirTech Support, it is the same password used when making a connection from your PC (hit save in upper right corner)

Domain: Leave the Domain empty

Resolution: Leave Default

Color Depth: Leave Default

Keyboard Layout: Leave English or change to spoken language

Port: Type in the port [ex: 9989] provided by VirTech Systems Support (hit save in upper right corner, do not use brackets)

Console Mode: Turn this "On”RD Gateway: Leave Default

NLA: Leave Default

Clip Board: Turn this "On"

Step 10: When the above is completed, select "Save" in order to save the connection to your VirTech Systems VM

Step 11: Upon saving, hit the large "Connect Button" located on the right.

This will now initiate a connection to your VirTech virtual PC.

Note: The orientation of the iPad's Screen will determine how your virtual desktop is viewed.

Note: To “Disconnect” Connection, select the “Orb” in the bottom left hand corner and choose “Disconnect”

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