Bright House Networks modems require specific settings for customers who have static IP addresses, VPN connections between offices or connect to a UTM Router by Fortinet, SonicWall or Cisco ASA devices.

For VirTech Systems customers the following settings are REQUIRED for proper functionality of your service.

Static IP Address Customers:  

(Those customers who have paid for an IP address that never changes)

  1. Modem must be in "Bridged Mode"
  2. "Port-Scan Detection" must be "Disabled"
  3. If the modem supports "IPSEC," its settings must be ALLOWED if applicable for the VPN to function properly.
  4. NAT disabled
  5. Firewall needs to be completely disabled

These settings are 100% Required!


Note: We have experienced on more than one occasion where a BHN technician does not verify or check their work based on the settings request.  Many times they will put the modem in "Bridged Mode" but not verify the other settings were applied.  

If you get a technician on the phone please contact us via ticketing or phone call with the subject being:

"URGENT Level-5 Connectivity Request"

If you are experiencing a service outage and need a direct line to "Support," we will provide you with one.

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