Re-scripting your BHN Ubee Modem:

Steps to Re-Script your BHN Modem to Function Properly

  1. Get BHN for Business on the phone
  2. Dial: (407) 295-9119 Extension: 42803
  3. or
  4. Dial: 877-632-2337
  5. Upon instruction please press and hold down the reset button upon request for 3-5 seconds to default modem back to factory settings.
  6. Login to your Fortinet using the proper user name and password (provided by VirTech)
  7. Instruct BHN to please setup modem on their side administratively in “Bridged Mode”
    1. Firewall Off
    2. Port Scan Detection Off
    3. NAT Disabled
    4. Just make sure it is a “dumb modem” with the above setting before you let the BHN support staff off the phone
    5. Verify Connectivity
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