Keep Networked Printers from Disappearing

Problem Description:  Printers connected to the Print Server in Server 2008 and above disappear randomly.


Navigate to the domain controller group policy in the Active Directory.

Then navigate to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Printers.

Note: Here you will find that none of these settings are configured or they are configured incorrectly for your environment.  If you are experiencing disappearing printers being served from your Print Server on your Domain controller proceed with these changes and see if it resolves the problem. 

  1. Allow printers to be published: Enabled
  2. Allow pruning of published printers: Disabled
  3. Check published state: Enabled, every 1 hour
  4. Directory pruning interval: Disabled
  5. Directory pruning priority: Disabled
  6. Directory pruning retry: Disabled
  7. Log directory pruning retry events: Disabled
  8. Printer browsing: Enabled
  9. Prune printers that are not automatically republished: Disabled
  10. Allow print spooler to accept client connections: Enabled


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