Sage Printer Fix

Sage Paperless Office and Printer fix (covers printer not activated & freezing upon printing):

1. Use pl_advancedoptions_ui through File > Run in Sage 100. Click "Uninstall" (even if a message says the module is installed correctly and registered). After that, click the "Install" button. Be aware of UAC prompts when uninstalling and installing the Paperless Office PDF module. When finished installing, keep the window open since the functionality will need to be tested later.

2. Perform a repair install of Adobe reader if deemed necessary. Ensure that Adobe Reader DC is the default PDF reader. There will be issues if Edge or Chrome is the default.

3. Ensure that Windows Default printer management is disabled in Windows 10 and that a physical printer other than the Sage Print to PDF or Amyuni PDF module is set to default. The freezing issue will occur if this is not addressed. There must be a physical printer set as default and windows printer management disabled.

4. Go back to the Paperless Office Advanced Options and click "Test" to ensure proper functionality of the Print to PDF module and Adobe Reader.

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